110th General Assembly Opens in North Carolina

Press Release

The Church of God will hold its annual assembly beginning August 18th at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina.

The six-day event, with the theme, “Arise, go over this Jordan,” will conclude on Sunday afternoon. During this assembly, the selection of the General Overseer will be made, which makes this assembly especially momentous.

Interim General Overseer Oscar Pimentel, who was chosen after the death of Stephen Smith, will officially open the assembly during the first session on Tuesday.

The Bible pledge and the pledge to the Church flag will be given in English and Spanish. James Smith of West Virginia will preach the opening message, “Discerning the Lord’s Will”, followed by an hour of prayer.

Field Secretary Robert F. Strong Sr. will give progress reports from North America and the Caribbean Islands on Wednesday morning followed by a message by David Risch of Cleveland. E. Roger Ammons, General Evangelism Director and pastor of the Southside congregation in Cleveland, will direct the evangelism program during the afternoon session.

On Wednesday evening, Melvin Byers Jr. of North Carolina, the Church of Prophecy Marker Association General Coordinator, will lead the evening program.

A message on “Forgiveness” by Kim Taylor of Tennessee will be the highlight of the Thursday morning session.

Donaldo Acosta, General Field Secretary, will also give progress reports from Mexico, Central and South America and Puerto Rico.

The Questions and Subjects Committee report will be given on Thursday afternoon. The afternoon session will end with the report of the Overseer’s Meeting which was held in July, placing the decision for finalizing the selection of the church’s General Overseer “in the hands of the Holy Ghost” – according to Scripture with unanimous agreement.

The World Mission program will be directed by the General Coordinator Robert J. Hawkins Jr. of Tennessee featuring the traditional annual Parade of Nations.

Friday is designated the time for the general overseer’s annual address, which will be preceded by a message by Juan Pimentel of the Dominican Republic.

Following the annual address, Vicki Smith of Tennessee will lead the congregation in “At the Battle’s Front,” the song which has been used for decades to close the afternoon session.

The Bible Training Institute program, directed by Ray D. Dupre, will feature the BTI choir from the school which was held in Cleveland in June. “Arise and Be Healed,” a message by Billy Cox of Virginia, will be preached prior to the forming of the healing line for prayer.

The ordination service of newly licensed deacons and bishops will be held on Saturday morning followed by a business report from Kevin D. Werkheiser of Tennessee, General Treasurer.

Later during the service, a moment of silence will be held in honor of ministers and members “who have gone to their reward” during the past year. Allene Cox of Tennessee, Assembly Band Movement Coordinator, will be in charge of the program.

The Women’s Missionary Band program will be Saturday afternoon, led by General Coordinator Betty Bishop of Alabama. That evening, General Coordinator of the Victory Leaders Band Dustin T. Hays of Colorado, will present the youth of the church as they march into the auditorium.

The last day of the assembly begins with the Sunday school program directed by Robert F. Strong Sr. of North Carolina, General Coordinator. Debra Wantulok of Arkansas and family will present the children’s assembly program followed by special songs by the assembly choir directed by Claudia Prince of England. Anthony Dyer of Oklahoma will preach the morning message, “The Glory of the Latter House.”

On Sunday afternoon, committees will give their final reports to the assembly followed by a message by Joseph Hill of Virginia, “Keeping Our Focus Right.”

Last on program, general appointments will be made by the General Overseer, and the closing prayer will be offered for the appointees by David Risch.

Tentative date for the 2016 General Assembly will be August 23-28.