Imagine spending the early hours of a Sunday morning huddled with your family during a horrible storm that is rattling your home. You emerge from safety to find you have lost some shingles, but no significant damage has been caused to your property. Your family pulls onto the church property to find the rest of the congregation standing with dazed and confused faces. The storm has caused a tree to fall into the church, crushing the roof. The rain water has damaged the interior and services will have to be held elsewhere.

The ABM Department of The Church of God helps boost the giving of $5.00 per year by each member to help local churches who find themselves in this and many other catastrophic situations. Your emergency dollars are monies to help our local churches when tragedies occur that they cannot financially manage themselves. Flood, hurricane, avalanche, tornados or fire can happen almost anywhere and at almost any time.

Not all churches need this fund, and we are prayerful that none ever will. However, when we give faithfully to this cause, we know there will be some assistance available when and if it is needed.