Announcing our New French Website

Press Release

The Media Department is happy to announce the release of our new French website. French is the official language of twenty-nine countries and is spoken by over two hundred twenty million people in the world. A review of our website statistics indicate that French is the third most common language of visitors to our site behind English and Spanish.

Our new French website is not intended to be a replication of the English and Spanish websites. The site currently includes an introduction to who we are and an area for visitors to contact General Headquarters. Additionally, it offers resources on the basic principles of the Bible including salvation, sanctification, and the baptism with the Holy Ghost. An overview of the Twenty-nine Prominent Teachings are also available as well as the Advice to Members. Additional resources will be added as they are translated.

The Great Commission requires that we preach the Gospel to every creature in their own language. It is our prayer that this new French website will be a blessing to new souls previously unreached by the English and Spanish websites.

The Media Department thanks Brother Patrice T. Kalamba, National Overseer of Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Republic of Congo, for assisting with the translation work for this new website.

The new French website can be viewed at or by selecting “French” from the language icon in the navigation menu.