Assembly Reservations Information

Press Release

Are you ready for the 2019 Assembly? No, we aren’t either, but we are preparing.  That is the reason for this communication.

Have you made your reservation with the beautiful Meadowview Conference Center?  If you have, thank you!  If not, we request your help and ask you to please make your reservations as soon as possible.  We need your help to meet our goal regarding room night rentals at Meadowview in order for the Church not to have the added expense of paying for the meeting space.  You all were so gracious to assist last year and we have faith that those reservations will be made very soon.

If you have made your reservations, we kindly request that you ask yourself this question, “Is it what I need and will eventually use?”  The reason for this is that last year we had many to reserve multiple rooms in their name and then after the block of rooms made available to us by Meadowview was closed some released those rooms. We also had several individuals to cancel their room due to having made other arrangements at a different hotel just a day or two before the Assembly began. Both of these incidents made it impossible for some who would have liked to have stayed at Meadowview to reserve a room. About 10 days before the 2018 Assembly we had greater than 200 room nights above our minimum requirement.  By the start of the Assembly that had dropped to 35, and as you can imagine we were concerned the Church may have to pay for the meeting space.

Please help the 2019 Assembly be a success by making your Meadowview reservations as soon as possible and we urge you to do all that is within your means to keep those reservations which will greatly reduce some of our preoccupations as we continue to prepare for our Assembly. Again, please reserve only what you need and keep those reservations.  We understand that there are lower rates in other area hotels, but there are benefits to staying onsite and just think you will be helping the Church out!

If you have any difficulties in making your reservations, please do not hesitate to call/text at 540-309-9658.  This is Tonya’s cell phone and you will find texting is the best and fastest way to get a response. You also may email us at via the Contact the Assembly Operations web form..

We encourage you to make your reservation at Meadowview.  It is a beautiful facility and the Lord has blessed us with the privilege to hold our assembly there. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Assembly, even if we are running as we see you!  We see nothing but Victory on top of Victory for The glorious Church of God!

Such an Honor to work for Christ and His Church!

Bro. Brad & Sis. Tonya Anders
Assembly Operations

Make a Reservation!