Assistance Requested for National Overseers

Press Release

We are approaching a landmark General Assembly with significant immediate and historical importance to The Church of God. As such, every member of The Church of God will undoubtedly have the desire to gather together as the great “multitude of counsellors” in prayer and fasting to find the perfect will of God.

It is the desire of the Administrative Committee to see that all of our overseers throughout the world attend this year’s General Assembly. As you are probably aware, due to the high cost of travel, only half of our national overseers are brought in for the Assembly each year. We would like to take this opportunity to make each of you aware of our intentions and allow you the opportunity to participate in our effort to bring in all of the national overseers.

We are requesting that each individual, local church and state or region consider sending a love offering to General Headquarters to assist with the cost associated with bringing in all of our national overseers. Because of the short time available for the necessary planning and preparation for travel, we are requesting that funds be sent in as soon as possible and are clearly identified for the purpose of Overseers Assembly travel.

Thank you for your kind consideration for this important need.

Your Administrative Committee,
Ray D. Dupre
Robert J. Hawkins, Jr.
Oscar Pimentel
Kevin D. Werkheiser