BTI Closes Saturday with Thirteen Graduating

Press Release

Heritage Day and commencement will bring The Church of God 2017 Bible Training Institute to a close Saturday. The service and ceremony begin at 2:00 PM. The Heritage Day message, “The Old Paths Still Lead Into His Presence,” will be presented by Dustin Hays.

On Wednesday, the school observed communion and practiced the ordinance of feet washing. Some one hundred participated, including students, staff, and visitors. Speakers were Austin Garcia and Butch Booth.

The Leadership & Pastoral Development class will be in charge of tonight’s service. Allene Cox of South Carolina will speak on “A Presumed Presence.”

On Saturday morning, the students will complete their final exams for the term. They will receive certificates in the afternoon, along with the students graduating from third term.

BTI sponsors and operates schools in several countries. Offerings received during the Cleveland school provide training for those in other countries, who otherwise, would not have the opportunity to attend a Bible training school. Ray Dupre is the BTI Director.

This year, BTI offered classes in Old Testament and Life of Christ (Bible), Church Business, Local Church Administration, Pastoral, Doctrine, Personal Ministry, Auxiliaries, and the Pauline Epistles. Teachers were Connie Wilson, Robert F. Strong, Sr., James Cox, E. Roger Ammons, Paul Horton, Betty Bishop, Dustin Hays, Brian O’Dell, Michael Jernigan, Allene Cox, Oscar Pimentel, Bettie Marlowe, and Harvey Anders. Deborah Perkins is the music coordinator and has organized a choir to sing at the Heritage Day event.

Assisting in the Cleveland BTI were Kryss Barick, Shanna Weekes, secretary Vicki Smith, Belinda O’Dell, Yadi Pimentel, Jimmy and Stephanie Cox, Daniel Cox, Joe Horne, cooks Josie Foley and Kim Edmonds.

BTI is a ministry of The Church of God, with General Headquarters in Cleveland and two local churches, Zion Hill (Pastor Harvey Anders) and Southside (Pastor E. Roger Ammons).