BTI History Tour Slated for Saturday

Press Release

The following article appeared in the Cleveland Daily Banner on Friday, June 1, 2018.

A history tour will punctuate the midpoint of the 2018 Bible Training Institute of The Church of God on Saturday. The tour (weather permitting) will include places such as the old Church of God tabernacle site on Central Avenue, the grave in Fort Hill Cemetery of the first General Overseer of The Church of God, A.J. Tomlinson, and “The Hallelujah House” on Gaut Street.

The opening service of B.T.I. was Sunday with 108 students registered.

Ray Dupre, BTI director, moderated the service at The Church of God, Zion Hill. Students were welcomed by the Tennessee State Overseer Harvey Anders and General Overseer Oscar Pimentel. Paul Horton gave the keynote address to the school. Music and singing were arranged by Janet Talley.

After the morning devotion led by Allene Cox, classes got underway on Monday, beginning with a class on Creation, a series which will go through the two-week session. The public is invited to attend this class, which is held in the Zion Hill church auditorium at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Michael Jernigan is teacher.

Other teachers for the 2018 session include Horton, Anders, Pimentel, Connie Wilson, E. Roger Ammons, Robert F. Strong, Brian O’Dell, Betty Bishop, Paul Horton, Buford Cox, Robert J. Haskins, Dustin Hays, Bettie Marlowe and Jason Hill. The schedule includes subjects on the Old Testament, church doctrine, church business, pastoral, auxiliaries, the Life of Christ, personal ministry and local church administration.

Enrollment saw the largest number of students in first term – 51. The school is on three levels, First Term, Second Term, Third Term (graduating class) and a pastoral development class.

The school will participate in the Lord’s Supper and Feet Washing serve on Wednesday, June 6. A baptismal service will be at 3:30 on Thursday, June 7. These services are open to the public.

Graduation ceremonies will be held in conjunction with the Heritage Day celebration on June 9. Students are in attendance from the country of Myanmar and 17 states.