The Church of God Organized in Pakistan


The World Mission Department is excited to announce that on Sunday, July 23rd, Permanent Evangelist Haroon Emmanuel Massey of Lahore, Pakistan organized the Church in his country with eighteen members and many more to come!

After many months of communication, and the successful completion of Bible Training Institute’s correspondence courses, Brother Massey joined The Church in God in April 2014 in Nepal when he traveled to meet with the Church’s World Mission Coordinator, Field Secretary, and the country’s National Overseer for several days of fellowship and instruction. Brother Massey also visited Brother Hawkins in November 2016 in the country of Myanmar for additional training.

Brother Massey has been faithfully teaching his congregation the Word of God, and this has finally brought forth fruit.

Please pray for Brother Massey, his family, and the Church in Pakistan.  These saints live in a religiously volatile country and need the strength, wisdom, and discernment of the Lord. We believe that God has raised up our brothers and sisters for such a time as this, and together, with the power and direction of the Holy Ghost, we will see the work flourish in Pakistan!

Welcome home to our dear brothers and sisters!