Church of Prophecy Celebrates Heritage

Press Release

The unveiling and dedication of a new marker placed by the Church of Prophecy Marker Association of The Church of God was the highlight of the Heritage Day celebration on May 29th. 

The service and ceremony were held at the Zion Hill Church in Cleveland. The newly renovated headquarters building on the same property also was a part of the dedication service.

The march to the “One Central Seat of Government” marker culminated the afternoon service, which was conducted by the CPMA General Coordinator James Horne. Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer of The Church of God, gave the keynote address.

Some two hundred attended the special service including many Bible Training Institute students who were coming to Cleveland for the BTI 2022 session. Nineteen states were represented plus Kenya and India. 

Harvey Anders, the host pastor, offered the opening prayer, and the songs “The Church of God Flag” and “The Great Speckled Bird” were led by Deborah Perkins (North Carolina) and Keila Bañuelos (Tennessee). Yadira Pimentel and Amy Anders led the chorus “One Fold”.

Robert Hawkins, Jr. and Luis Bañuelos each gave a testimony of their vision of the church through the Scriptures. The Bañuelos family sang the song, “Un Solo Rebaño.”

As the march began, led by Bishops Pimentel and Horne, Janet Tally led the song “When The Church of God Arises.”