Churches Organized in Cuba

Press Release

The following report was received from Bolívar Sánchez and his wife Mercedes García de Sánchez:

We arrived in La Habana (Havana) on April 26, 2002 at 3:30 pm. The brother from La Habana received us with much love. We rested that day and on Wednesday the 27th we were gathered in the service. Thursday the 28th at 8 am we went to the province of Bayamo, where the Lord blessed us greatly and gave us the privilege of organizing the first Church in Cuba. We spent 5 days with them teaching them the principles of the Church and then we left Monday, May 2 at 6 pm and arrived in La Habana at 7 am the following day.

I preached in 3 congregations to complete the agenda of council of the Church in Cuba.  The rest of the days we stayed with the brothers in La Habana, where we organized a second Church. The first was organized with 38 members, the second with 11 members.  We thank God and General Headquarters and the World Missions Department for allowing this trip and organizing The Church of God in Cuba. Also thank you to Bishop Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer, for trusting us.

The glory is God’s, and we have hard work left in that nation and we ask all the ministers, pastors and members of The Church of God for your prayers.