Civil Unrest Affects Saints in Africa


Brother Patrice Kalamba, one of our National Overseers in Africa, has requested prayer for the saints in the Kasai province of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Global news agencies have reported a growing crisis of violence between the army and local militia. Our churches in the area are in serious trouble, and the members are forced to stay home and are unable to go to work.

The area in turmoil is also the home of Brother Patrice’s parents, and he reports that the church members and his relatives are in deep despair as the number of people killed in the area is increasing daily.

Please keep the saints and Brother Patrice’s family in your prayers. Additional updates will be added to this report as they become available.

Update (April 11, 2017): Brother Patrice has reported that the approximately two hundred members in the region are struggling to live day-to-day. He states that any assistance, even small, would go a long way to help ease the suffering of these brothers and sisters.

To contribute to this important and urgent need, send your contribution to the Congo Relief fund at General Headquarters.