Sunday school

Countdown for the Assembly Sunday School Parade

Press Release

We’re getting ready for the Sunday School Parade on Sunday at the Assembly. All Sunday School workers are invited (urged) to be in the parade wearing your red and white. If you don’t have red and white, march anyway, and carry a sign showing your location. As you march across the platform, shout out your church, nation or state location with a “Praise the Lord.”

Twelve young people (boys or girls) are needed to carry the S-U-N-D-A-Y S-C-H-O-O-L signs. I have six signed up as the “cheerleaders,” so if you want to be one, see me at the Assembly before Sunday morning. 

Also, all Sister Sunday Schools (nations), please let me know you are there. You will have a special place in the parade, along with your state Sister Sunday School. There will be signs designating the different Sunday School departments, so everyone will have a special place. We will meet in the lobby thirty minutes before the Sunday School Program and will march in to the song as last year: “We are United.” Carry your Bibles and hold high.

During the Sunday School Program, lessons for teens and young people will be introduced. How exciting! And you will meet some of the writers. You may even receive some “mail.”

If you are a National or State Sunday School Coordinator, please check in with me at the Assembly. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Pray much for every session of the Assembly and for everyone who is on program and for all who will be attending. This is God’s business and we want the Holy Ghost to have His way in the Church.

Bettie Marlowe
General Sunday School Coordinator