First-Ever Heritage Month Begins

Assembly Tabernacle

The purpose of this month is to celebrate the past while looking forward to the future. We celebrate the Arise, Shine of The Church of God in June 13, 1903. We celebrate the preservation of a remnant determined to take the whole Bible rightly divided. We celebrate the fact that the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Church. We look forward to our destiny:  a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. We look forward to the unity that will be achieved in answer to Christ’s prayer in John 17. We look forward to the meeting in the air when Christ returns for His bride. 

May this month be a time of reflection and anticipation; a time of celebrating the past while rejoicing for the future; and a time of thanksgiving for God’s mighty provision. 

Along with a Church-focused Month, Heritage Month will also be a month to raise funds for the Church similar to March and October world missions. Our first fundraising push is to reach the goal of $1 million on hand for the purchase of a property to be the home of an Assembly Tabernacle. Raising $300,000+ this month meets the goal. We encourage every member, local church, State/Region/Nation, and auxiliaries at the local level and above to give extra effort to meet this very attainable goal.