Fundraising Coordinators Hard at Work!

Assembly Tabernacle

Tabernacle Fundraising Coordinators are already working to promote the purpose and plan of fundraising for property and an Assembly Tabernacle for The Church of God. The Assembly Tabernacle Exploratory Committee wishes to highlight the efforts of our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom. Please take a moment to watch a YouTube video recently produced by Stuart Brown in England. The link for the video can be found at

We encourage all Fundraising Coordinators to work with your State/Regional/National Overseer to produce content in your respective location that can be shared across social media platforms to promote fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to share your content (links, photos, web addresses, etc.) with our Fundraising Coordinator, Tim Griffin. You may be the next one to be highlighted in our news updates or in The Evening Light. Keep up the great work and let’s get ready for the door of opportunity that is coming!