General Overseer Selected at the Annual Assembly

Press Release

This is a historic year for The Church of God, as the will of God in selecting a new General Overseer was sought.

All the prayers in preparation of the selection were rewarded, a spokesman said.

Bishop Oscar Pimentel was installed as the General Overseer to much acclamation.

The previous General Overseer, Bishop Stephen Smith, went to be with the Lord on June 7th. Since early July, Pimentel has served as the Interim General Overseer.

The new permanent General Overseer of The Church of God was selected at the Annual Assembly, a six-day meeting currently taking place at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. The selection process required the unanimous consent of every male member in good standing present at the assembly.

Previous years have seen an attendance of over one thousand delegates and significantly more are expected to attend this year.

It is difficult to imagine so many individuals coming to the same decision easily, the spokesman said.

To facilitate the process, delegates are encouraged to pray frequently to find the mind of God. The sanctuary opening for early morning daily for prayer, various specially designated corporate prayer times throughout the scheduled services, and private prayer times all help to fulfill this goal, a church spokesman explained.

This article was originally published in the Cleveland Daily Banner on August 21, 2015.