Help Needed after Drought in Uganda


We recently received word from our National Overseer of Uganda, Makoha Francis Agati, that his country has been hit with a drought which has affected food prices and availability. It is reported that many Ugandans, including our church members, are surviving on one meal per day, and some news outlets report that some are eating only half a meal per day.

Brother Agati has asked us to pray for his country and for our church families in Uganda. The meteorological service in Uganda has stated that the current drought is expected to last until early next year. Local authorities fear that many will suffer starvation as the drought could lead to emergency famine levels.

A relief fund has been established at General Headquarters. If you would like to help our brethren with this urgent need, please send a financial contribution to the Uganda Drought Relief Fund. May God bless you for your compassionate giving.