Heritage Day Service Held at Fields of the Wood

Press Release

Heritage Day was held at Fields of the Wood on June 1, 2019. The event was well attended and the Lord blessed and reminded us of our Heritage and the Vision of the church.

The CPMA Coordinator, Brother James Horne opened the service and welcomed everyone. Brother Rodney Morrow, Pastor of our Fields of the Wood church made some opening remarks as well as the North Carolina State Overseer, Brother Strong. Prayer was offered by Sister Betty Bishop and a special greeting was given from our General Overseer, Brother Pimentel. Congregational songs of When the Church of God Arises and The Great Speckled Bird were led by Sister Vicki Smith with a wonderful presence of the Lord as the delegates sang the songs of Zion. The Scriptures of Psalms 132:4-6, Jeremiah 30:21 and Isaiah 60:1-5 were read by Brother Rob Hawkins and a special song, “Our Church Flag” was sung by Katie Horne, Mary Francis Cox, accompanied by Josiah Horne and Caleb Cox. There was an historical reading by the General Coordinator and the song, “The House that Jesus Built” was sung by Mary Shelton. As the saints worshipped the Lord, Brother Horne reminded the attendees that the efforts of the work there and the voices of our past are still speaking if we’ll listen for them. At that time, our guest speaker, Brother Chris Clarkson, who was up the mountain called out loudly at a distance that he “see’s it” and a narrative of the Lord revealing him the church, as perhaps A.J. Tomlinson who had “a time on the mountain” June 13, 1903 when he received the revelation of The Church of God. Brother Clarkson worked his way down through the crowd preaching and assumed the pulpit at the pavilion very close to the Arise, Shine marker. An anointed Church message was preached with much rejoicing of those present and abundant praise to the Lord. Sister Janet Talley led the song, “A Glorious Church” with some final comments and scriptures read by the General Coordinator. A closing prayer for the vision and last days message to continue to reach out into all the world was prayed by Brother Dustin Hays. It was a great day and many testimonies have continued to come in, including one of a young man joining The Church of God that day on Prayer Mountain. Praise the Lord! In addition to touring Fields of the Wood, many were able to see the First Assembly House and go inside, which was a first for many. This was also a blessing for those who rode the tour bus from General Headquarters.

Thank you to our Media Staff and to all who attended this event. Perhaps most left this service with a little sunburn that day, but prayerfully everyone received a blessing to be remembered! Special thanks is extended to Cliff Anderson and the Church of God of Prophecy. Praise the Lord for Heritage Day 2019!

A gallery of photographs from this event can be found on Flickr.