Honoring Our Older Members & Ministers

Press Release

CPMA Special Focus: Honoring our older members and ministers in April. 

“And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels…” (Malachi 3:17). “Render therefore to all their dues…honour to whom honour” (Romans 13:7).  

There are special treasures found in The Church of God. From the precious faithful member who has given his life to serve God and sacrificed comforts for the advancement of the work, to the faithful sister who made quilts or sold homemade candy to keep the expense fund up, to the anointed leader who has ruled well and should be given “double honour,” God has many “jewels.” These spiritual treasures have taken many forms such as a godly parent, grandparent, Church mentor, prayer warrior, minister, pastor, etc., who have had a positive spiritual impact on you as an individual or the Church in general. These individuals are great gifts in our hearts as we reminisce with them of their perseverance in good times and bad times. These remember history firsthand and the spiritual fights and struggles they endured to keep it The Church of God. It is biblical and fitting to reflect upon those who have blessed us along our spiritual journey. Those still among us who have left a legacy of faith are still pressing toward the mark and have much experience to impart to the coming generation. As our CPMA theme indicates, there is “No Turning Back” for such saints of God whose minds are made up to make heaven their home, and it would behoove us to let these jewels know the impact they have made in our lives while we can. I’m sure these would say, “All glory to God,” and that only makes it more precious to honor them. So many have already gone on to their reward.  

The CPMA Department encourages you to honor our older membership and ministry in every local church. We need them so much. The wisdom and experience they have are invaluable in the times in which we live. Leaders, in the month of April, the CPMA is asking that you please do something special to honor these faithful saints in your area and show them your love and appreciation.