Hurricane Harvey Relief for Vidor, Texas

North America

Many have called General Headquarters asking about the condition of the church property and membership in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While all our members and families are safe, the Vidor church membership in hurricane and flood ravaged Texas has sustained substantial damage to their local church and homes. As much as 4 feet of water has entered the local church, overturning pews and destroying much of the property with mold and water.

The majority of the membership at Vidor sustained substanital damage to their homes. While some have not yet been able to return and evaluate their property, the damage for the people there is extensive and will surely cost a great amount of money to restore.

If you wish to make a donation to aid them in their repairs or wish to offer some sort of support, you may make those through General Headquarters.

Ways to Give

Phone: To make a credit or debit card contribution by phone, call Wendy Barick in the Accounting Department at 423-339-8264 x233 during normal business hours.

Check/Money Order: To contribute by check or money order, mail your contribute to The Church of God, ℅ Hurricane Harvey Relief, P.O. Box 450, Charleston, TN 37310.

Online: Use the online form to contribute.