Labourers in the Fields of Harvest

"...the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God..." (Acts 20:28).

In the 6th Assembly, it was decided that "the propriety of placing an overseer over each state now represented" was scriptural (2 Corinthians 11:28; 3 John 9, 10; Galatians 2:7). Then, in the 1913 Assembly, the Bible plan of appointing the Overseers was put into place. Since then this office has evolved into an administrative responsibility of great importance to the welfare of the Church.

Each Overseer is to have the oversight of his state, nation or territory, and together with the General Overseer, forms the Presbytery in his respective area.

State & Regional Overseers
James R. Horne James R. Horne
Michael A. Grant Michael A. Grant
Jonathan R. Smith Jonathan R. Smith
Arizona, New Mexico,
Colorado, & Texas (W)
Dewayne Smith Dewayne Smith
Arkansas, Oklahoma,
Missouri, & Kansas
Christopher Clarkson Christopher Clarkson
Florida & Georgia
Allard L. Smith Allard L. Smith
Idaho (N), Montana (W),
Oregon, & Washington
Serafin Pimentel Serafin Pimentel
Idaho (S), California, Nevada, & Utah
Donald R. Estep II Donald R. Estep II
Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, & Wisconsin
Donalhue Grimes Donalhue Grimes
Louisiana, Texas (E),
& Mississippi
Delbert G. Bock Delbert G. Bock
Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, &
Montana (E)
James T. Smith James T. Smith
New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, & Massachusetts
Melvin Byers, Jr. Melvin Byers, Jr.
North Carolina
Samuel D. McMahon Samuel D. McMahon
South Carolina
James R. Cox James R. Cox
Paul Horton Paul Horton
Virginia & West Virginia
National Overseers
Antonio Digan Antonio Digan
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, & Uruguay
George C. Forbes George C. Forbes
Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, & Cayman Islands
Benito Ramos Quispe Benito Ramos Quispe
Patrice T. Kalamba Patrice T. Kalamba
Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, & Republic of Congo
Herman Ard Herman Ard
Manuel Concha Manuel Concha
Santos Plutarco Sanchez Santos Plutarco Sanchez
Costa Rica & Panama
Philip C. Bennett Philip C. Bennett
England / St. Vincent
Mariano Mico Ntutumu Ncara Mariano Mico Ntutumu Ncara
Equatorial Guinea
Efren Zuñiga Rojas Efren Zuñiga Rojas
Guatemala & Belize
Donaldo Acosta Donaldo Acosta
Honduras, Spain, El Salvador, & Nicaragua
Ch. Paul Sudhakar Ch. Paul Sudhakar
India (N) & Nepal
Isaac Thomas Adimavunkal Isaac Thomas Adimavunkal
India (S)
Yosua Nainggolan Yosua Nainggolan
Renison Mbogo Ngurukiri Renison Mbogo Ngurukiri
Kenya, Ethiopia, & Tanzania
Jose G. Banuelos Jose G. Banuelos
Matthew Ogunmola Matthew Ogunmola
Nigeria & Ghana
Ray D. Dupre Ray D. Dupre
Peru & Ecuador
Danilo Mendoza Orcino Danilo Mendoza Orcino
Juan Pimentel Juan Pimentel
Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, & Netherlands Antilles
Lemi Emmanuel Shandu Lemi Emmanuel Shandu
South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, & Zimbabwe
Makoha Francis Agati Makoha Francis Agati
Uganda, Burundi,
& Rwanda
Jose Salazar Jose Salazar
Venezuela & Colombia
Robert J. Hawkins, Jr. Robert J. Hawkins, Jr.
Zambia, Myanmar, & South Korea