Manuel Castro Receives Eternal Reward

Press Release

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Bishop Manuel Rosales Castro, National Overseer of Belize and Guatemala.  Brother Castro had also previously served as National Overseer of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

He departed this life to his eternal reward on November 2, 2020. He faithfully served Christ and the Church for many years and is now in the presence of his Savior.

Brother Castro was born November 30, 1953.  He joined the Church in the mid-1970s.  He renewed his covenant in 1995 and became a licensed minister in The Church of God in August of the same year. He faithfully served as a pastor, National Treasurer, District Overseer, radio minister, and VLB leader prior to his roles as National Overseer.

Prayers are appreciated for his wife, Delia, and children (Abraham, Elizabeth, Emmanuel, Lissette, Juliette, Melchisedec), and friends.