Media Department Announces New Roku Channel

Press Release

Have you been looking for a way to stream our live broadcasts to your television without the complicated setup that is often required? The Media Department is excited to announce the release of our new channel on the Roku streaming media platform just in time for this year’s General Assembly. In addition to being able to view our live and on-demand content via our website, you can now access our content from your Roku streaming media device directly on your television.

What is Roku? It is a set-top box, with prices starting as low as $49.00 USD, for your home television where you can subscribe to various “channels” that stream digital media content to your television using your broadband Internet connection. Roku devices can be purchased from your local electronics retailer or various online distributors. A list of current Roku models can be found on the Roku website. A Roku device takes mere minutes to set up, seconds to stream, and is simple to use.

To find our channel, visit the Roku channel store from your device or visit the Roku Owners website directly. Search the religious category for “The Church of God” or visit our listing on the channel store website. Subscribe to add us to your personalized channels list. You will have access to our live stream or a small collection of the on-demand archives.

Does our Roku channel require any subscription fees? No! Subscribing to our channel on your Roku device is completely free. Our Roku channel, like all of our other online media, is supported by generous donations to our media ministry.

At the present time, the Roku channel only features our English language stream.