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Bishop A. J. Tomlinson said about John the Baptist and the Church, “John’s mission was staged in the wilderness. The mission of The Church of God is staged for the streets and lanes of the cities and in the highways and hedges.” It wouldn’t be too much to say that in the 21st century the mission of the Church is also staged for the “places of the paths” that the digital industry has created. Just like the printing press, the automobile and the airplane were means provided by God to help us get this glorious message out into all the world in a rapid and efficient way, so also the Internet and social media today and all other means of communication should be taken advantage of for the glory of God, to cover the world over with God’s message that changes and transforms the hearts of men.

Media is one of the most powerful tools of communication when we consider the number of people that can be reached through this medium. This medium can be used to do immense evil or great good. Those to whom it has become available must have a deep sense of the power it holds and of the obligation to use it well.

The Media Department of The Church of God has played a very important role in getting the message out to the world for all to see. Please pray for this ministry that it can continue as a blessing to many around the world by way of transmitting not only the message of God’s Word but also the activities the Church is involved in, along with the challenges we face and the success and victory to which the Lord is leading her.

Oscar Pimentel The Evening Light, January 2016

“It’s a blessing to be involved from an Internet cafe watching the Assembly by the mercies of God. My wife and I are here to serve God in the Church in Ecuador…”
– Guayaquil, Ecuador

“We watched the selection of Brother Pimentel at church. Everyone was immensely blessed. The Spirit was just as sweet and strong as it was that day.”
– South Carolina, USA

“I was blessed to watch the VLB service at the Assembly on my computer at home… I hit my knees the moment the altar call was given and prayed back to the Lord.”
– Oklahoma, USA

“What a blessing to be able to watch the Assembly live from very far away… We found ourselves praying and speaking in tongues during the broadcast.”
– Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Reaching the Whole World

Preach the Gospel, spread the word until all the world has heard!

The message that we are commissioned to carry is often limited by geographical and political boundaries. However, technology knows no such limitations. Areas that were once off-limits to our missionaries are wide open fields ready for harvest. Using today’s technology, information can be generated, distributed, and received across the world with little to no time constraints. “Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not” (Jer. 50:2). Culture has adopted these technological advancements, and God has blessed His Church with the opportunity to embrace them as wonderful evangelistic and missionary tools.

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Our Staff & Their Testimonies

The Church of God’s media ministry is led by a group of dedicated and servant-minded individuals who have a passion to use their God-given gifts, talents, and knowledge to spread the Gospel message to a lost and dying world. These individuals sacrifice countless hours in their labors for this ministry each year. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and abilities, and each one is necessary for the labor to work effectively.

When i was asked to work in the Media Department I had no idea what to expect. I found out rather quickly that it meant late nights, early mornings, and many days where lunch and dinner just were not possible. However, I also realized that there are so many blessings that come from working in this department as well. I am not only blessed during our morning devotions and by the services throughout the day, but I am also blessed by the testimonies that I hear from the field. It blessed my heart to hear of the man, crying out from his living room, asking God to save him. Also, what a blessing it was to hear of the woman who, after hearing a message broadcast about the Church, cried as she proclaimed “this is home!”

God gives us the tools to go into all the world, and we have a great responsibility to do so. I believe with my whole heart that the Lord has and will continue to use this ministry in a great capacity to fulfill the this great commission. If just one soul is saved, or one life is touched, it is worth every hour spent and every dollar given!
Ashley Werkheiser, Media Staff since 2011

Working with the Media Department over the past several years has been an exciting adventure for both of us. We never completely understood the time and effort that goes along with the media work until we became directly involved. Whether it be the several months before of behind-the-scenes planning and preparing, the days and many long hours of hard work during, or the several weeks after when completing our tasks, it requires people who are dedicated to this ministry to get the work done.

This work is essential in order to help reach out into this world through means of technology and the Internet. We truly don’t understand the ministry of this department or the impact it makes for others until we receive the testimonies of people on the field that feels a part of the Assembly or other events when they otherwise couldn’t be there. It is also a tremendous blessing to work along with other individuals who have the same vision for the work of the Media Department. We are grateful for the opportunity to labor for the Lord and the Church in this capacity.
Joshua & Karen Farthing, Media Staff since 2012

I want to thank the Lord for the opportunity to be able to invest my time and talent into The Church of God Media Department. The love and fellowship which is present in our midst is very refreshing. What a blessing it is to come together, with like-minded individuals, and use our talents for the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Media Department is a great blessing and asset to the Church, and my hope and prayer is that the children of God will continue to give financially to support this outlet of the Gospel. Also, please be in constant prayer for this ministry.
Joshua Cox, Media Staff since 2009

This year was my first year working with the media staff. Walking in the first day, I had no idea how the staff would react, but to my surprise, I was greeted with smiles, hugs, and handshakes. They treated me like one of their own. From there on we had great fellowship one with another. The morning devotions were a blessing and an encouragement to me. I’m very happy to have worked among an amazing group of men and women who love and fear God. it was an awesome experience, and I am very grateful.
Julian Pimentel, Media Staff since 2015

I don’t even know where to begin talk about what a blessing it has been to be able to serve in the Media Department and be a part of this team and, most importantly, the mission work. Some may look at the media department and see a group of friends running cameras and taking pictures, but to us, it is so much more.

When I hear the testimonies that come in of lives that were touched or changed because they were able to watch the live stream, the archives, or see shots of the Assembly, I am overwhelmed with joy that the Lord has allowed me to be a part of this work. I remember when I was first asked to serve on the media team. I did not think that I would have anything to offer, or that it would even make a difference. As I started that first year, I realized that I don’t have anything to offer, but God was able to use my taken to reach out to thousands of people through the work we did. As technology advances, we have the ability to reach out more and to farther places. I ask that you would please be in prayer for this group of people that are serving in these positions that God would bless them for their hard work.
Katlin Hogan, Media Staff since 2009

Working in the Media Department has been a blessing to me. I have felt the call to missions since I was about 13 years old. I have not had the pleasure of being able to go out to different countries and work for the Lord, but I have been able to work a camera at the Assembly for many years now. Not too long ago I was feeling bad about not being able to go out to other countries for the Lord. During this time the Lord spoke to me. He let me know that I was in a mission field and I was working for Him.

What I failed to realize is that I am in a mission field. I may not be going out to other countries, but the camera that I am running is streaming live to other countries all over the world! I am not only reaching one country; I am reaching many countries at one time! I may not be the one teaching, singing, or even preaching the message, but I am helping to spread the Word of God all over the world! And to me, that is a blessing! Even if only one soul is saved while watching the live broadcast, it is worth my time spent behind the camera. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a missionary through the Media Department!

Please be in prayer, for all of us that work in the Media Department, that we are a blessing to the world. Help support this ministry, whether it is by your offerings or by your prayers and fasting. We greatly appreciate all that you do to help this ministry. May the Lord richly bless you.
Shannon Cox, Media Staff since 2009

Working in the Media Department has been such a blessing to me. Not many see me, because I am in the back running the broadcast. I have had many ask me the question, “how do you receive anything being back there?,” and I wish I had the words to explain the blessings I have received even while being back there. It has been such a blessing to hear and feel the Holy Ghost move in the Assembly and have tears streaming down my face while adjusting the crowd microphones to pick up the message and interpretation as He speaks to the Church or mix the instruments to the right volume with the song leader and crowd so that those listening feel that they are in the service and not just listening to some recording. It’s such a blessing to hear the reports of those that have watched the Assembly in countries that the gospel is not preached openly and those that do are persecuted. I’m so thankful God has allowed me to be a part of this great outreach for Him. “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).
Eric Hogan, Media Staff since 2008

At seventeen years old I was just exploring a new passion that I found in photography. I couldn’t explain why, but I loved it. During my second term of BTI in 2010, I was seeking my calling when God spoke to me during a particular altar service – “What do you like to do?” I felt that to be strange since most people who are called don’t start out with “I’m called to preach because I like it,” so I continued to talk to the Lord. I listed the things I enjoyed doing in the Church as well as my personal interests.. He said to me that night, “Work where you are needed. I have given you these passions. Use them.” I didn’t think very much on the subject after that. I just prayed for the Lord’s anointing in any task that was asked of me.

In the next year, I had become serious in my pursuit of photography. While I attended BTI for a third term in 2011, I was asked if I would be willing to work with the media team at the upcoming Assembly. Suddenly, I remembered, “I have given you these passions. Use them.” How could I say no? I had never considered photography as something I could use for any kind of ministry, but I was very excited as I felt like the Lord had given me a job. Since then, God has blessed me incredibly to be able to witness what He can do with what started out as a simple hobby. The pictures we take reach people all over the world, even in countries where the Church has not even been established! I have seen the joy and the blessings of the Lord captured in a singular moment and have personally felt the Spirit of the Lord attached to that memory time and time again afterwards.

Our images can be used for countless things in the ministry, and I personally feel burdened to become educated enough to where the Church can become more independent with our ability to produce unique and identifiable graphics for our content. I would love to be able to provide our auxiliary leaders with an image that perfectly captures their annual theme as them imagined it. The Church needs graphic designers, and that is what led me on the path I am currently traveling during this chapter of my life. Through the opportunities here, God has opened the door for me to pursue this education for free! I know this is what God wants from me, and I know He wouldn’t want it if He couldn’t use it. Please pray for me as I continue to follow the leading of the Lord, and hopefully expand the outreach ministry that is our media team.
Hannah Womack, Media Staff since 2011

Working in the Media Department is a privilege, and hearing the amount of houses reached by the work of the Media Department is always a great blessing to me. The Media Department is a necessary component in reaching the lost. I am thankful we, The Church of God, have the outreach.
Levi Johnson, Media Staff since 2008

I am thankful for the opportunity I’ve had, in recent years, to be able to work on the media staff. Though the work may seem overwhelming at times, I’m reminded of testimonies that had been received of how, as many watched the Assemblies, they felt the Holy Ghost even in their living room! It’s been a wonderful experience to be able to work in this department. One scripture that comes to mind is Ps. 68:11 “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Though the immediate number of those working to broadcast the Gospel message may not be many, as it spreads, the ones that receive it are able to share it with others. Though God can very well preform this work without us, it is a great honor and privilege to labor together as the Body of Christ, with the Lord, in this work of spreading the Gospel.
Nathan Cox, Media Staff since 2013

Being able to be a blessing to others through the camera. It’s a little like preaching with your back to the audience. It doesn’t matter if the Spirit is there. You don’t always see the other side. I did when I got home, and was doubly blessed. That was my point. a couple weeks ago, we watched the selection of Bro. Pimentel at church. Everyone in attendance was immensely blessed. The Spirit just as sweet and strong as it was that day. New people, uninitiated in our business were overwhelmed. They see how seriously we take our business. The Spirit moved mightily as we prayed for the sick. there was no question in anyone’s mind that it was truly the work of Almighty God.
Wilson McMahon, Media Staff since 2008

Working with the Media Department has been a great blessing to me. When I’m working with the webcast at the General Assembly, I know that the work I’m doing benefits thousands of Church members around the world who are not able to attend. I enjoy working and fellowshipping with the media staff because they are a great group of people who are committed to using their talents and abilities for the work of the Lord. I feel a good deal of personal fulfillment when working during the Assembly, because I know that I am using the talents and interests that God gave me for furthering His kingdom and the ministry of The Church of God.
Zachary Baldwin, Media Staff since 2013

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“The purpose for going into television is not for entertainment or competition, but to present the gospel in its fullness and in the finest possible presentation. Quality and spirituality are our guidelines.”Robert J. Pruitt, White Wing Messenger, March 15, 1980

When Brother Pruitt penned these words in the Spring 1980 issue of the Voice of Salvation Newsletter, the estimated cost to expand the Church’s media ministry for video was $500,000 which is equivalent to $1,638,000 in today’s money. Newer technologies have emerged since that time, and God has opened new doors for us to share the Gospel with a global audience via the Internet.

The Church has embraced this opportunity since our first online broadcast in August 2008, and we continue to see a vast opportunity to reach lost souls through this medium. Brother Pruitt’s vision for the Voice of Salvation remains the guidelines for our efforts today – quality and spirituality are essential!

Our Assembly broadcasts are made possible by the renting of media equipment. Our broadcasts during Bible Training Institute rely heavily on equipment purchased over ten years ago and on equipment that is generously provided by members of the Church for our use.

We are grateful for each of these; however, what a blessing and improvement to quality it would be if we were able to own the necessary equipment! Would you consider making a donation to help us expand this ministry and reach more lost souls for Christ?

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Audio Upgrades$15,000.00
Video Purchases & Studio Upgrades$45,000.00

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Communication is the sharing of information.

The Word of God instructs us to “… be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). We are also asked, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Rom. 10:14). Clearly, The Church of God is in the communications business!
Grayson B. Kent, The Evening Light, January 2016