Mission Coordinator Invited to Speak at Christian Values Summit


Our World Mission Coordinator, Robert Hawkins, has been invited by the Romanian Senator, Avram Gal, to be one of six keynote speakers at the “Christian Values Summit” in Cluj Napoca, Romania.  The topic given to him is “Romania: A Spiritual Leader In The European Union.  Himself a citizen of the European Union (Ireland), Bishop Hawkins will be emphasizing in his message that strong churches and strong families make a strong nation. The event will take place March 15-17, 2019, and Brother Hawkins will be speaking on Saturday evening.  Your prayers are very much solicited for God’s blessings upon this event as we represent Christ and His Church amongst so many.  “…and grant unto thy servants, that with ALL BOLDNESS they may speak THY WORD” (Acts 4:29).

Brother Hawkins will be speaking from 1:15-1:45 local time (7:15-7:45 EDT).  A broadcast of the conference can be found on New Life International Evangelistical Association’s Facebook page.