National Overseer Visits Myanmar and South Korea


On Valentine’s Day, 2015, Robert and Missy Hawkins set out on a nineteen day and over twenty thousand mile journey to share the love of God in Myanmar and Korea. While in Myanmar, a pastors’ conference would be conducted for two days and we would visit all eleven of our local churches. Our National Field Secretary in Myanmar, Brother Kham Pu, who is usually very quiet, stood and boldly testified after the conference class “Once Saved, Always Saved: Truth or Error?” that the doctrine of The Church of God must reach his entire country! In fact, he was so moved by the Holy Ghost that he has arranged for a group of about 20 people, including his wife and children, to travel to Chin State, his home state, for one month to share the Word of God. Unlike the rest of Myanmar, Chin state has a very high percentage of Christians, and many of our Church members were born there. This is a very, very remote area, the terrain is dangerous, and it will take approximately 30 hours by bus and the remaining 12 mountainous miles will be on motorcycle or on foot. Brother Kham Pu related that a denomination is spreading false doctrine in that part of the country, and he wants to go to and correct it and bless the people. He has asked us to pray for the protection and health of the group and the success of the mission.

How stirring it was to visit the pastors in Myanmar, their families and their homes which, in most cases, function as the local church building. Their lives are very humble and most of our pastors are full-time in the ministry, relying on God for their daily bread. How humbling it was to hear Brother Khai Cho explain to us how he and his wife make and sell cups of jell-o for extra money.

God has moved on the hearts of some of our ministers to adopt children, many of whom have been orphaned by tribal warring in the rural areas. Brother Pau Kho Mang and his wife take care of seventeen children, and Brother Gin Lam Suang cares for several. They do this on very little, but God always provides. They are raising the children to love Jesus and what a blessing it was to hear the children testify and to see them worshipping God.

Brother and Sister Hawkins were invited to a street ministry service in downtown Yangon where our conference translator works with drug and alcohol addicts and those that have gone through traumatic experiences. God moved powerfully and beautifully in the service and four young men, Buddhists, came to the altar and gave their hearts to Jesus. One of the young men testified, with tears streaming down his cheeks, about what God did for him. His aunt and uncle from China were there, and it was obvious that Christ was pulling on their heart strings as well. Only God knows just how far our efforts for Him will reach.

It was very difficult to leave our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. After a good prayer and hugs and tears, Brother and Sister Hawkins were on their way to South Korea. Yet, they did not feel so far away from the brethren, for they would meet with friends and contacts of the Myanmar Field Secretary. Some time ago, Brother Kham Pu lived and worked in South Korea for ten years where he learned to speak Korean fluently. While there, he established a Christian fellowship amongst the Myanmar immigrants which is still alive and well today. We met with the pastor, Brother Pau Pi and his family, and one of Brother Kham Pu’s best friends, Brother Mang. A bible study was held with the Myanmar brethren (who spoke English very well) in the shelter where they lived and enjoyed good fellowship. We have been asked by Brother Pau Pi to please come back and minister to the people in their church services. During our short stay in Korea, we looked for any opportunity that we could to witness to others and we handed out tracts in English and Korean to those that we met on the street, in shops, etc.

O, Lord, just one soul
Give me even – just one soul
You can work with that – just one soul
You can set the fields on fire – with one, just soul

Please pray for our brethren in Myanmar and our friends in South Korea. One of our pastors, Brother Thawn Lian Sang, and his family, have been persecuted by those that say they love Christ and driven from their home and forced to relocate in another state. Yet, he and the rest The Church of God in Myanmar is energized and determined to carry the truth and spread the full gospel of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! The opportunities are great and the serious urging and excitement of the Holy Ghost can be felt. We are in the process of having some of our tracts and books translated into Burmese, and Brother Hawkins believes these will help our people to become more established and will start a fire in the Christian community. With your prayers and the courage of the Myanmar saints, the lost in Myanmar and other Asian countries will be won to Jesus Christ!