An Update from Puerto Rico

North America

Brother Hiram Vazquez, National Overseer of Puerto Rico, shares a brief message regarding the situation in his country following the recent hurricanes.

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

North America

Numerous calls have been received by General Headquarters inquiring on the condition of church members, friends, and properties in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma which had a significant impact on the Caribbean and southeastern United …

Let's Go to Jamaica in 2018!

Press Release

Tentative dates for the Mission Team trip to Jamaica are March 27-April 4 2018. National Overseer George C. Forbes and local pastor Carlton Brown will host the event. Activities for this trip include open-air services …

The Church of God Organized in Pakistan


The World Mission Department is excited to announce that on Sunday, July 23rd, Permanent Evangelist Haroon Emmanuel Massey of Lahore, Pakistan organized the Church in his country with eighteen members and many more to come! …

We're Going to Jamaica!

North America

“Wah Gwaan? Whap’am?” Translated from Jamaican Patois – “What’s going on? What’s up?” The Church of God World Mission Department is headed to Jamaica! The Jamaica Mission Team Trip will occur July 12-19, 2017. Hosted …

Civil Unrest Affects Saints in Africa


Brother Patrice Kalamba, one of our National Overseers in Africa, has requested prayer for the saints in the Kasai province of Democratic Republic of Congo. Global news agencies have reported a growing crisis of violence …