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Assistance Requested for the Saints in Peru

Sudden and abnormal warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru has unleashed torrential downpours leading to landslides and massive flooding. These weather conditions, caused by El Niño, has brought strong rains, electrical storms, and hurricane-like winds. Local news outlets have reported numerous deaths and destruction of highways and crops due to the flood waters. As many as 70,000 Peruvians have become homeless as a result of the relentless rainfall.

Much of Peru is in a state of emergency, and local authorities believe the flooding could continue for another month.

Julio Velasquez, National Overseer of Peru, has contacted General Headquarters regarding the status of the Church in Peru. The two church buildings in Casma have flooded, and both buildings' clay walls have been soaked and fallen. In Trujillo, the pastor's clay home has suffered much damage and is practically uninhabitable. The buildings in Piura have also been damaged by the rain.

The World Mission Department is askin...

Nigeria Completes National Church Building

In the February 2017 issue of The Evening Light, a report was published regarding the progress on the building of the national church in Nigeria. It was stated that $1,250 was needed in order to complete the work on the building.

Bishop Matthew Ogunmola, National Overseer of Nigeria, is excited to report that through the work of the saints in Nigeria in addition to the generous financial gifts from the brothers and sisters around the world, the ceiling in the national church auditorium has been completed.

Please continue to pray for the work of the Church in Nigeria.

Sunday School Department Announces New Outreach

Since my appointment as General Sunday School Coordinator, I have sought the Lord for ways to fulfill my duties in a way that will be a blessing to our Sunday schools.

I do not want to be only a United States coordinator – there must be a way for our international Sunday schools to be bound together in love, in purpose, and service.

It's a fact we are in different nations and cultures, and methods of organization and operation will be different, also. Each has to work within their own capabilities and opportunities – some with greater challenges than others. But one thing is certain – we are workers together to ensure the Word is being taught.

That is our ultimate purpose, and I want to focus on that. I believe we all have this in common, and we share the desire to "Embrace the Vision."

What do you think of the Sunday Schools in the United States and the Sunday Schools in other localities joining together as sister Sunday Schools. The Sunday schools could inspire one another in exchange of inspiration, ...

Prayers Requested for State Overseer of Texas

Brother Jonathan Smith, State Overseer of Texas, is seriously ill and needs divine intervention. He has put his trust in the Lord for his healing. The family would be grateful for the prayers of the saints of The Church of God.

Brother Smith is very weak and respectfully requests that contact be made via text with his mother, Vicki Smith, or his sister, Rebekah Horne, in lieu of direct contact with him and his wife. They will do their best to answer when possible. Thank you to all for your understanding.

Let us all join together in fervent prayer for Brother Smith and trust in the promise of the Word of God: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Prayer Requested for Refugees from Burundi

In November 2015, the World Mission Department reported on the growing violence and genocide affecting our church members and their families in Burundi. Robert J. Hawkins, Jr, World Mission Coordinator, published a follow-up report in March 2016 revealing the violence had escalated in this country. Due to the unsafe conditions, great numbers of people fled from their homes into neighboring Rwanda seeking safety from the trouble.

Many of our brothers and sister sought asylum at refugee camps in Rwanda. Our report from March 2016 revealed the terrible conditions of these camps. Most of the brethren abandoned the camps due to the circumstances; however, some had no other option but to remain.

Today, we received a sad report from Brother Leonidas. He stated that two of the remaining refugees in the camps had lost their lives this week due to sickness and disease in the camp. He also revealed that three others are currently battling sickness and struggling to survive.

Our brothers and sisters from Burundi conti...

VLB Coordinator Attends Panama National Convention

The Church of God in Panama is very much alive! Ninety-three delegates gathered together December 10, 11, 2016, in San Pablo for their National Convention. The theme for the Convention was taken from Proverbs 24:3, "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established." The National Overseer, Brother Luis Zeledón, did an outstanding job moderating the Convention, and instructed the membership in wisdom for the labor of the new appointment year. The precious saints in Panama are ready and willing to work for Christ and the Church and to do whatever is necessary in furthering the gospel in their country. Though they are small, they have big plans and expectation of growth. This dedication will not go unnoticed by God. He will reward His faithful laborers.

There were two people saved during the Convention and two others who were received into the Church by covenant. Panama's national music ministry has grown in recent years by adding more instruments and musicians. They were such a blessing an...

Help Needed after Drought in Uganda

We recently received word from our National Overseer of Uganda, Makoha Francis Agati, that his country has been hit with a drought which has affected food prices and availability. It is reported that many Ugandans, including our church members, are surviving on one meal per day, and some news outlets report that some are eating only half a meal per day.

Brother Agati has asked us to pray for his country and for our church families in Uganda. The meteorological service in Uganda has stated that the current drought is expected to last until early next year. Local authorities fear that many will suffer starvation as the drought could lead to emergency famine levels.

A relief fund has been established at General Headquarters. If you would like to help our brethren with this urgent need, please send a financial contribution to the Uganda Drought Relief Fund. May God bless you for your compassionate giving.

Ways to Contribute

Check: Please mail checks to The Church of God, c/o Uganda Drought Relief Fund, P...

Join us for a Mission Team Trip!

Pack your bags! We are leaving on a Mission teams Trip! The Lord is sending us to the neighboring cities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico in late March 2017. In addition, a team will be visiting Montevideo, Uruguay on March 13-23, 2017.

Anyone applying for a place on the mission team must meet some basic qualifications. The minimum age for domestic trips is sixteen (16) years old, and the minimum age for foreign trips is eighteen (18) if traveling alone or sixteen (16) if accompanied by a legal guardian. All team members must be saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, and a member of The Church of God. All applicants must also receive their pastor's endorsement to be considered for a spot on a team.

The cost of the trip to El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico will be approximately $1,200. This includes airline tickets, lodging, food, and ground transportation.

The cost of the trip to Uruguay is approximately $2,000. This includes airline tickets from Atlanta or Miami, lodging, food, and ground ...

Saints in India Face Opposition in Hindu Village

This video clip was received from Brother Paul Sudhakar, National Overseer of India (North). As they were witnessing in a Hindu village, the religious leaders confronted them about sharing Christ in their village.

The next day the Hindus (those shown in red clothing) forced their way into one of our local churches and began their idol worship. They told Brother Sudhakar and our congregation that since we came into their area, they would now worship their God in our area.

Brother Sudhakar and the saints in India continue to need our prayers. Let us pray for their courage and safety as they endure religious persecution as they continue to evangelize and reach out to the Hindu villages.

Hurricane Matthew Update - Haiti

In general, Haiti is in turmoil. Although there are other countries sending goods, there are reports of individuals stealing trucks that are bringing aid from other countries resulting in some of the goods not reaching their destinations.

After receiving information from Juan Pimentel, National Overseer of Haiti, we are grateful to report that we have not received any bad news regarding any of our Church members and friends. Brother Pimentel will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they are available. We are thankful for God's hand of protection during this natural disaster. Let us all continue to pray for all of the citizens of Haiti as they work to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

One local church did suffer some damage and the pastor lost some livestock, however Emergency Funds were sent to assist him and alleviate the situation.