• News - February 2011

Saints in Nicaragua Rejoice during Convention

Under the leadership of the new overseer Donaldo Acosta, The Church of God was blessed with a mighty visitation of the Holy Ghost. Each service filled with the Spirit's presence blessed each one, as the leadership obeyed Him.

On Thursday night the people were blessed to hear a message from Oscar Pimentel, (General Headquarters translator). The service concluded with many coming forward for prayer.

Friday night was a very special night for the convention delegates. Former World Missions Coordinator Herman D. Ard ministered to the congregation. Seeing and hearing him again brought great joy to all. At the conclusion of a wonderful message more than 100 came up for prayer. Many were slain in the Spirit during this special time.

National Overseer, Donaldo Acosta brought a soul stirring Annual Address to more than 1140 convention delegates. The eternal good done can only be measured by the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).

National Convention Held in Kenya

"Bwana Asifiwe!" – That means "Praise the Lord!" in Swahili. The Church of God in Kenya met in National Convention from December 16-19, 2010, under the leadership of Bishop Renison Mbogo Ngurikiri. Attending the convention were Bishops Makoha Francis Agati, National Overseer of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi and the General Mission Coordinator, Robert Hawkins. Before the Convention began, Bishop Mbogo took the visitors to four of the local churches to meet the members and also the people of the community. At each local church, a macadamia nut tree was prayerfully planted, symbolizing the fruitful growth of the local church as it is rooted in the Word and watered in the Spirit. It was a blessing to see new souls and also familiar faces. Since being organized several years ago, The Church of God in Kenya has grown numerically and God has blessed the saints with some land and buildings. On one of our church properties, the saints have a large garden and grow different vegetables for the benefit of The Church...

Church Thrives in South Africa

The National Overseer of South Africa, Robert Hawkins, visited the saints from December 6-11, 2010. The Church of God in this part of the world is growing and holding fast to the vision and doctrine of The Church that they learned many years ago. Bishop Hawkins visited two local churches – Kimberley and Rocklands (Bloemfontein), and one mission soon to be organized into a local church – Bloemspring. Bloemspring is under the leadership of George Smith, former manager of the White Wing Publishing House in Africa and now a Permanent Evangelist in The Church of God. In the 1980s Brother Smith was an instructor in Bible Training Institute, attended the General Assembly, met with our former General Overseer, M.A. Tomlinson, and had traveled to other countries in behalf of The Church to set up printing facilities. Brother Smith is currently using this experience to translate and print some of our tracts and report books into South African languages. The Word is spreading and we have members and ministers in distant...