• News - Alabama Holds Altar Ministry Workshop

Alabama Holds Altar Ministry Workshop

Alabama Holds Altar Ministry Workshop

On February 4th The Church of God in Alabama met together for a special time of training. Our Altar Ministry Workshop was a great blessing. Brother Colin Shuler taught on several subjects including "The Call to the Altar" which spoke about the importance and purpose of the altar, how we should focus our services on the altar, and an admonition to the ministry to never give out the Word of God without also giving the congregation the opportunity to respond in the altar. Several examples were given of how not to give an altar call, as well as encouragement to lead the way for others by consistently spending time in the altar ourselves.

Our second class, "Prepared for the Altar," conveyed the concept of seeking God ahead of time for wisdom and being prepared by prayer and Bible study on foundational Bible doctrines. God doesn't want to use our ignorance, but the preparation and knowledge we have devoted ourselves to obtaining.

The final class, "The Altar Ministry," discussed several subjects including praying specific prayers for specific needs and ministers asking what the need is so they'll be better able to assist in prayer rather than assuming they know what the seeker is praying about, decency in the altar, following through and staying with the one you're praying for, bringing people to a decision, obtaining help from your pastor, etc.

This workshop proved to be a great blessing to all who were in attendance and concluded with prayer in the altar by all. That evening in a revival service the things taught at the workshop were put into practice and the Lord truly blessed, meeting many needs and filling one with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord!

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