Prayer Requested for Refugees from Burundi


In November 2015, the World Mission Department reported on the growing violence and genocide affecting our church members and their families in Burundi. Robert J. Hawkins, Jr, World Mission Coordinator, published a follow-up report in March 2016 revealing the violence had escalated in this country. Due to the unsafe conditions, great numbers of people fled from their homes into neighboring Rwanda seeking safety from the trouble.

Many of our brothers and sister sought asylum at refugee camps in Rwanda. Our report from March 2016 also revealed the terrible conditions of these camps. Most of the brethren abandoned the camps due to the circumstances; however, some had no other option but to remain.

Today, we received a sad report from Brother Leonidas. He stated that two of the remaining refugees in the camps had lost their lives this week due to sickness and disease in the camp. He also revealed that three others are currently battling sickness and struggling to survive.

Our brothers and sisters from Burundi continue to endure this great tribulation. They remain in desperate need of our intercession, that God would help them through this trying time. Let us earnestly lift them up to God in prayer for their healing and protection.