Relief Requested for Earthquake Victims


Urgent prayer is still needed for the people and nation of Nepal. After being devastated with a serious earthquake on April 25th, the nation suffered yet another severe earthquake and aftershocks today. The following information was received from Paul Sudhakar, National Overseer of Nepal.

All of our pastors in Nepal have been affected in some way by the two earthquakes. Our pastor from Kathmandu is in the most need. He and his family are living in tents and have no proper food. Their home was severely damaged, and they lost most of their household items. His scooter was also destroyed in the original earthquake, and his family is having to search for a new place to live.

Another pastor from Bharatpur has a family and seventeen orphans. They are in need of food, and their church building experienced severe cracking making it unsafe for worshippers.

Our pastor in Nagarkot is in need of food, and his personal property was damaged. The extent of the damage is currently unknown.

Members of the Church have experienced very similar sufferings. The needs are great among these precious, but hurting, children of God.

A relief fund has been set up through General Headquarters to accept donations for these urgent needs. God bless you as you consider what you can do to help relieve the sufferings of these people.