Representatives Visit Indonesian Convention


On July 13, 2014, World Mission Secretary Robert Hawkins and General Treasurer Kevin Werkheiser set out on a 40-hour journey which included 23 hours of flying, to reach Medan, Indonesia, to be with National Overseer Yosua Nainggolan and the saints of this Asian country. How wonderful it was for the brethren to fellowship once again and to share the love and encouragement of God with one another.

The National Convention was ably moderated by Brother Nainggolan, the messages preached by our General Headquarters representatives were received with humble hearts, and the services were joyous, reverent and very worshipful. How beautiful it was to see the entire Convention on its knees, calling out to God, many with tears in their eyes. It was a blessing to see all ages represented well, especially the young people.

The Church of God in Indonesia has the care of 25 orphans, some whose parents were the victims of the 2004 tsunami that killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. All of these young men testify to have given their hearts to Jesus and many of them are members of the Church. The roof of the orphanage and the local church is over 20 years old, is rusted and has begun to leak, causing damage to the interior structure and some uncomfortable situations for the orphans. The cost of replacing the roof is approximately $2,600.

The brethren also had a chance to visit with an independent church, minister the Word of God, and to enjoy a good time of fellowship and dialogue. The pastor of this church is a friend of Brother Nainggolan’s and was, at one time, a part of us under former General Overseer M. A. Tomlinson.

The Church of God in Indonesia faces many challenges. Surrounded by a population of approximately 220 million Muslims in a country that can often be dangerous, Brother Nainggolan and the saints of God in Indonesia truly shine as a light of God’s love to a dark world. Please pray that Gereja Allah di Indonesia (The Church of God in Indonesia) will be filled with the Holy Ghost to overflowing, and that many souls would be rescued and brought to Jesus Christ. Puji Tuhan! (Praise the Lord!)

On the way back from Indonesia, the brethren’s itinerary called for a stop in Singapore and Brother Hawkins and Brother Werkheiser took advantage of this, visiting with some Christian friends. In a couple of days, three families were visited, the Word of God was shared, a prayer meeting was conducted, and the Spirit and love of God were there! These families belong to a large Methodist church in Singapore that believes in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. The harvest truly is great in Asia – please pray that God would continue to open the doors for The Church of God to minister to the lost and to the other sheep in this part of the world!