Revival Returns to Jamaica

North America, Press Release

The World Mission Department is excited to announce that an old-fashioned Church of God revival is returning to the island of Jamaica! Revival services will be held at 6:30 PM nightly on July 25-29, 2016 at 71 Manchester Road, Shop #4, Mandeville. Everyone is invited to attend!

Guest speakers for the revival include Ray D. Dupre (Field Secretary & Bible Training Institute Director), Robert J. Hawkins, Jr. (World Mission Coordinator), and George C. Forbes (National Overseer of Turks & Caicos, Cayman, and Bahamas Islands).

Prior to the revival an announcement will be made via the national newspaper, The Jamaica Sunday Gleaner. Additionally, some advertising will be done in the community and via social media to encourage attendance to the services.

For additional information, please contact the World Mission Department.

Please be in prayer for this revival that God will save souls.  It is our heartfelt desire to see the Kingdom of God expanded and The Church of God established in Jamaica!