Seventeen to Graduate Bible Training Institute

Press Release

The following article appeared in the Cleveland Daily Banner on Friday, June 8, 2018.

Bible Training Institute will have the final evening service today at 7 p.m., led by the Pastoral Development Class. The speaker is Robert F. Strong, Sr., State Overseer of The Church of God in North Carolina.

The commencement will be held  Saturday at 2 p.m. at The Church of God, Zion Hill, in conjunction with the Heritage Day celebration. Seventeen students will graduate. Michael Jernigan will be the commencement speaker.

During the two-week session, Jernigan has taught a class each morning on “The Creator of All Things.” On Wednesday, Thursday and today, the class, “King James vs. New Age Bibles” was taught by Robert J. Hawkins, Jr. , General  World Mission Coordinator for the Church.

A Communion and Feet Washing service was held on Wednesday evening with some one hundred fifty participating. Dustin Hays, principal, opened the service. Congregational singing was led by Deborah Perkins of North Carolina and a special song was sung by Janet Talley of Cleveland. The Communion exhortation was given by Jerry Cox and the Feet Washing exhortation was given by Clint Pulliam, pastor of The Church of God, Southside, Cleveland. A baptismal service was held on Thursday at the Zion Hill church.

BTI registration totaled one hundred eight with students attending from seventeen states and the country of Myanmar.

Ray D. Dupre is the BTI Director. Oscar Pimentel, who is the General Overseer of The Church of God, taught the class on “Pauline Epistles.”  Other teachers were Bible-Old Testament, Connie Wilson; Local Church Administration, E. Roger Ammons; Church Business, Robert F. Strong, Jason Hill and Buford Cox; Pastoral, Michael Jernigan, Harvey Anders and Brian O’Dell, who also taught Personal Ministry; Auxiliaries, Betty Bishop and Bettie Marlowe; Local Church Ministries, Paul Horton, who also taught Doctrine, along with Dustin Hays; Bible – Life of Christ, Allene Cox and Robert J. Hawkins; and music by Deborah Perkins.