Six Months Sunday School Calendar

Press Release


World Mission Month: Boost missions in Sunday School, especially the children’s classes and Children’s Church. Establish contact with your Sister Sunday School. If you don’t have one, choose a country and connect with a Church through email or other media. One church had a Mission Week which featured people from the Bible (in character) who were “missionaries.”

Instead of celebrating Halloween, choose a Bible-centered activity for the children. (Note: A scary horror scene is not the best way to teach children the love of Jesus.)

Use the beauty of the season to show the glories of God and teach about His creation.


Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in the U.S. (different in other localities), but Veterans Day is on Nov. 11 (also in U.S.). There are various other holidays to celebrate in other counties, such as Mother’s Day in Thailand. Use these times to have something special to promote Sunday School. A Family and Friends Day is always in order. If gathering is not allowed, media offers ways to connect.


It’s a season of giving, so plan ways to give to your community. Always connect any activity or program to the birth of Jesus – keep Christ the forefront of your celebration. He is what Christmas is all about. Honor the pastor and his/her family with a dinner or other activity.

Remember those who don’t have families. They need love shown to them from the Church. Be creative in your caring for them. If you don’t yet have an Extension Department, this is a good time to begin. Also, there are people in prison, in nursing homes and so forth, who would welcome your attention.


Begin the New Year with continuing attention to those you made contact with in December. Use your young people or children to plan a special service emphasizing their hopes for the coming year. 

It’s a good time to introduce congregations to the leaders of the Church. If you have a Sister Sunday School, arrange a connection so there can be an interchange.

Are you familiar with Church history? The first Assembly was in January. The minutes are available in tract form – how interesting that would be! Take the opportunity to review past events. You could have a program with memories of past years, such as costumes for different time periods when milestones were reached.


This is “love month,” and you can build much around this theme. But in February, we also have Presidents’ Day (in the U.S.) Whatever your country is, review its history and customs.

Honor couples in the Church. Take their photos and give each a gift. Emphasize the teaching on marriage and use Bible references about marriage and family. (Note: A good time to talk about Cradle Roll.)


It’s Mission Month again! Why not set up a world marketplace. Show how many churches are in the countries and display items, maps and potential connections. One church did this, with clothing, food and interesting facts about each country. It was a wonderful way to boost missions. You could even advertise it. Serve various foods and view video about the different countries. District conventions are being held and this would be a good display at the conventions.

Again, use this month to teach the children about missions. Maybe you could even have a missionary to speak in Children’s Church. Wouldn’t that be great? Let them come up with ways to raise funds.

In connection with World Mission Month, have “March to Sunday School” campaign. Boost it in every service. Ask Sunday School students (young and old) to create ways to boost the campaign. And best of all, you have the entire month to promote Sunday School AND Missions.

Spring up! The season is changing, so have a different flower in the devotion each Sunday. Relate it to the lesson. Research facts and make it interesting.

IN CONCLUSION – None of this will work unless God blesses. Enter into prayer as you consider how to grow your Sunday School. His inspiration is better than everyone’s ideas combined. He will “breathe into you” thoughts andideas. I can’t inspire you – only God can. Don’t ask God to bless your plans – He blesses His plans, so fall into them.