Special BTI Announcement

Press Release

As you are aware, we were unable to have our West Coast or the Cleveland BTI schools this year due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Although we will not be able to have a full three term, two week, school this year, it is our tentative plan to conduct a special one week LPD (Leadership Pastoral Development) class August 30 – September 5.

It will be held at The Church of God General Headquarters, Cleveland, TN, in the same manner that we conduct our regular school but with the exception of it being a one week school.

We will be taking any needed precautions necessary at the time of this school in regard to any lingering Covid 19 issues.

Although this class was developed for the ministry, all are welcome to attend, age 16 years and up. We will be offering a separate LPD Spanish class as well. If you are interested in attending this school and for more information, please contact the BTI department at 423-339-8264 x211 or via email.

You can also enroll online or by downloading an application.