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Sunday School Ideas: Spring 2018

Press Release

Spring is here with its promises of opportunities to reach out through the Sunday School. Seek God for inspiration to make these days count. Pray that He will give an eagerness and excitement in the work that we may experience the results of obedience to His word. Embrace the Vision; Embrace the Word; Embrace the Work! We have so much to look forward to.

A few years ago, I visited Thailand and was privileged to be a part of a Mother’s Day program. (Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day in October.) You may not have a Mother’s Day in your locality or perhaps not when it is in the United States. But I want to share this with you as an example as to how we can honor our mothers.

Small flower bouquets were created and tied with ribbon for the children (and adults) to present to their mothers. Several children from the orphanage home there were present and, they, too, were given bouquets to present to their house mother. All mothers were asked to be seated in front of the church. Their children came, presented the flowers, and knelt before them. The children prayed for the mothers and, in turn, the mothers prayed for the children, laying their hands on them. So much love was manifested as tears flowed in the closeness of the moment. It was so beautiful as songs were sung and poems read, also. The pastor gave a devotion concerning mothers in the Scripture.

Bible Training Institute is set for May 27 through June 9. It would be wonderful if every state and national Sunday School Coordinator – superintendents, too – could attend. If you have already graduated BTI, perhaps you could help someone else to go. We plan to have the Sunday School teaching video ready. Heritage Day is June 9.

In the United States we have Father’s Day the third Sunday in June. Even if your country doesn’t observe a special day for fathers, you could in your church. Our fathers and forefathers are so important. Let’s give them special honor.

If you haven’t already started planning, now is the time to get things going for Vacation Bible School. Reach out to the children in your community. Let them know you want them to come and have a good time. Advertise, give out fliers, have a registration day. One church, I was told, had a parade through the community and signed up the children.

It’s almost state or national convention time. Be there ready to boost Sunday school. If possible, wear our red-and-white colors. And, go ahead and make banners and posters to use, and keep to carry in the Assembly (August 7-12) Sunday School Parade.  Our parade in the Assembly will include the state and national coordinators, each of whom will announce their state or country over the mic and show their colors. We want the Sister Sunday Schools, also, to be in the Sunday School Parade. Be much in prayer for the program. We will march in to the song, “We Are United.” Our theme is still “Embrace the Vision.” The program will be “I am so glad you gave.”

I pray for all the Sunday School workers daily and I want you to do the same. Pray earnestly for me. My desire is to give my best to the Master. Uphold and support one another in the Church. Satan wants to cause division to hinder the work of God. He can’t do it when we are united and bonded together that His love will be manifested to the world.

Bettie Marlowe
General Sunday School Coordinator

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