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Sunday School Calendar for 2017-2018

Press Release

The Sunday School is an auxiliary that boosts and promotes the other auxiliaries and helps in the Church. This calendar offers some ideas for each month to inspire you in your work. Some may only work for the United States, but every month can be utilized to boost the work of the Church. You may have thoughts on the Sunday School work which you can share with us that God will be glorified as we continue to “labor together with Him.”

October: World Mission Month
The last Sunday, Oct. 29, is World Mission Sunday, and it can also be Harvest Sunday for Sunday School. Boost this throughout October by the Sunday School classes raising a special offering for World Missions. At the same time, promote attendance, setting a goal for Harvest Sunday for offering and attendance.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States, and also Veterans Day. But in any country or state, this is a good month to boost Evangelism. It’s homecoming month for the Assembly Band Movement and a good time to have family and friend day. Also, a traveling revival in homes would reach people who may not be able to attend services at church.

Plan a time to give to the community – whether food, clothing or a free “yard sale.” Check with public places to have singing. Take the children to nursing homes and hospitals (with permission). Older ones could arrange prison visits. Sister Sunday Schools can exchange gifts and greetings.

Have a “Start the Year Off Right” (a suggestion by Evangelism Coordinator E. Roger Ammons). Push for new members and welcome back old members who have “strayed” away.

What a wonderful month to boost the Assembly Band Movement with the theme, “Let Love Abound.” Who needs, especially, love from other church members. In your Sunday School staff meeting, sign “love notes” to people who attend church and to those you want to attend. Another good time to connect with your Sister Sunday School. And don’t forget your pastor and overseer in the A.B.M. activities. If your church brings poundings to the pastor each First Sunday, make this a project for the children, also.

Along with the March World Mission Drive, the Sunday School could have March to Sunday School Month to conclude with a World Mission March (offering from Sunday School classes) on World Mission Sunday, April 1. See how many visitors you can invite during March and urge them to be there on a special World Mission Sunday. One Children’s Church raised more than $100 for World Missions as they learned about the Church’s mission program.

Easter is in April, and it’s almost time for Bible Training Institute. But it’s always time to enroll in BTI correspondence courses. Encourage teachers to get a head start in taking the recommended courses for teachers. Some may want to repeat those they have studied in the past. Also, if there are those who want to attend BTI from your church, have a dinner or other fundraiser to help. Youth Emphasis Week this month is April 22-28. Sunday School youth classes have a wonderful opportunity to reach other youth.

In the U.S., we have Mother’s Day, which always falls on the Second Sunday for Mission. That is not true for other countries, but there may be a holiday you can use to boost missions. Enlist your young people to work a plan for Mission Sunday. It’s another good day to share videos or letters from Sister Sunday Schools.

There’s so many good things to celebrate in June. The CPMA Department has great promotional materials for Heritage Day and Flag Day. Use this month to educate your people about the great heritage of The Church of God, the Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament “Acts” of the Church. You might choose an auxiliary for each week to present something about the Church. Since June has only four weeks, start with the last week in May.

July is a five-Sunday month and gives plenty of time to go outdoors (if weather permits in your locality) for activities for young and old. The young people could plan a picnic for the children; the children could plan a special dinner for the older folks (with invitations); and all could have a good time together. VBS could also be an Evangelism tool. You might think about having it in a park.

It’s Back-To-School time, so make it “Back-To-Sunday School.” Have a friend and family Sunday during August and honor those who bring someone to Sunday School. Have a shower for the children going back to school. This may not be the schedule for other countries, but it can be adjusted to fit your locality or situation. Remember IYC and the Assembly are in this month, so a call to prayer is necessary and appropriate.

Fall begins and summer ends in the United States. There are five Sundays in September, so again, let each Sunday be a designated (auxiliary) Sunday and present a plan for a special brief program either in the S.S. devotion or at the close of Sunday School. (Always check with pastor for special activities or programs.)

Note: Everything won’t work for everybody, but perhaps, these ideas will generate your own. Seek God for ways to create interest and excitement to increase Sunday School attendance. For every person we win to the Sunday School, that means one more we can reach for God and His Church. Remember, nothing works outside the realm of the Holy Ghost. Prayer and fasting will bring results.

One superintendent shares his idea for boosting attendance – Give stars for bringing someone new to Sunday school and see who can get the most stars in a quarter or a month.  Share your ideas with us!  Send them to the Sunday School Coordinator!