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Sunday School Department Announces New Outreach

Press Release

Since my appointment as General Sunday School Coordinator, I have sought the Lord for ways to fulfill my duties in a way that will be a blessing to our Sunday schools.

I do not want to be only a United States coordinator – there must be a way for our international Sunday schools to be bound together in love, in purpose, and service.

It’s a fact we are in different nations and cultures, and methods of organization and operation will be different, also. Each has to work within their own capabilities and opportunities – some with greater challenges than others. But one thing is certain – we are workers together to ensure the Word is being taught.

That is our ultimate purpose, and I want to focus on that. I believe we all have this in common, and we share the desire to “Embrace the Vision.”

What do you think of the Sunday Schools in the United States and the Sunday Schools in other localities joining together as sister Sunday Schools. The Sunday schools could inspire one another in exchange of inspiration, prayers, gifts, communication, photos, and perhaps, even visits. I believe this working together will be a blessing to everyone. We’ll get to know each other better and help to fill the needs of one another.

Please offer your own ideas for this world-wide project. You may contact me via the form on our website.

Can you imagine the excitement of Sunday schools in the U.S. receiving direct news of what is being done in another country? – and sharing the good news, plans, and helps with each other. I feel this will make such a strong connection, we will all be stronger in the Word and the work of the Church.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as we draw closer to God and to each other. We are one in the Lord, in purpose and vision.

I am offering suggestions for your sister Sunday School. Each one in the U.S. will receive two addresses and will introduce themselves to these as their “sister”. As an example, the Church at Southside sent individual notes, along with a photo of the Sunday School staff as an introduction to Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. You may be inspired in other ways to share with each other. Please let me know if you have a preference for a certain location so it can be marked as taken.

Yours in Christ,

Bettie Marlowe