Sunday school

Sunday School Ideas: February – April

Press Release

The Sunday School is an auxiliary that boosts and promotes the other auxiliaries and helps in the Church. This calendar offers some ideas for each month to inspire you in your work. Some may only work for certain areas of the world, but every month can be utilized to boost the work of the Church.

Sunday School Ideas: February

  • Print cards with a picture of the cross with the words, “I love you this much,” attach a little bag of candy and distribute in community with an invitation to attend Sunday School at … (Suggested by Kami Lofton, VLB leader at Southside)
  • On Valentine’s Day, email “love notes” to Sister Sunday Schools, along with photos of Sunday School classes if possible.
  • During the month, send greetings of appreciation to State or National Overseers from the Sunday School.
  • Have the children make Valentines to present to the pastor in a special ceremony.
  • Let the children be the ushers one Sunday morning and allow them to pass out the bulletins.

Sunday School Ideas: March

  • “Change” the World fundraiser for Missions.  Organize the children to gather change for world missions. Along with their collecting change, teach about missions in Children’s Church and have them take part in World Mission Sunday. (Boxes, jars or tins cold be prepared for them to collect coins in.)
  • Have devotions about different countries throughout March. Take photos and send to those countries. (You might utilize the opportunity to use your local newspaper, to inform the community about the activities.)
  • There’s about 16 pennies to a foot – why not let the children raise a 100 feet of pennies. You’d be surprised at how well they can do this. These pennies are “Walking for Missions.”

Sunday School Ideas – April

  • April Showers bring May Flowers – have a shower for the church. Make a list of supplies the church needs including landscaping, repairs, tools, flags, songbooks, paper goods and so forth. Bring in the shower gifts, then dedicate all to the Lord. Celebrate the occasion with refreshments and fellowship.
  • Surplus Sale: Everyone has stuff. Have an auction and exchange stuff for money for church expense or for an auxiliary offering. You could also include services in the auction, such as cooking a meal, painting a porch, mowing the grass, washing the car etc. It can be loads of fun and helpful for everyone. “I’ll pay $10 for someone to wash my car,” or “I’ll come to your house and fix you a meal and clean up. What will you bid?”
  • Plan traveling prayer service from house to house. Everyone bring closed umbrella to show that our umbrellas are down and we want the revival rain to fall. You might want to collect prayer requests as you go.