Sunday school

Sunday School Ideas: Summer 2018

Press Release

 “Pastor Katar Singh and Pastor Rameshwer, along with Sister Subha, the wife of our licensed minister, Pastor Ramnivas, were martyred as they were working in the mission field in Haryana State in northern India.” 

As I’m writing this article to boost the Assembly, my mind doesn’t go anywhere but India. These are our brothers and sisters who have lost their father, mother and pastor. They are not vague images of people away from us, but they have names and are fellow members of the Body of Christ. We suffer with them. How can anything matter more than this?

But the Assembly IS important to the Church. Therein is the doctrine restated, we experience the unity and fellowship of the mystery, church business is carried on in the name of the Lord, the Holy Ghost speaks to us, we receive strength from being in the presence of God with our brothers and sisters, and are energized with the Spirit to do the Lord’s commands.

We will again have a Sunday School parade on Sunday morning. If at all possible, dress in red and white and march with us. The parade will include all state and national coordinators, along with any Sister Sunday School representatives who are present, Superintendents and any other teachers and so forth who want to join in. As last year, coordinators will announce your state or country as you march onto the platform. Hopefully, there will be room for you to remain on the platform during the program. Children will bring up the back of the parade – I’m not going to tell you what they will be doing – it’s a surprise!

The program will include a musical dramatization arranged by Janet Talley and Amy Anders, sermonettes on “Embrace the Vision,” “Embrace the Word,” and “Embrace the Work,” a special song by Casey Raby, a testimony by Halton Jeffcoat and reports of Sister Sunday Schools. Pray much for the program.

Before the Assembly, however, you will be in state and national conventions, so don’t wait until the Assembly to be Sunday School minded. A lot can happen in these two months and your local Sunday schools should be busy during this summertime — Vacation Bible School, July Fourth celebration and Back-to-School promotions. We don’t want the summer months to steal our Sunday school attendance.

Remember our purpose – we must reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Seek God for inspiration and He will send the anointing.

The Sunday School teaching DVD was introduced during BTI and is available for purchase from the Headquarters Bookstore for $10 or at the Assembly. State or National overseers can receive one free for their Sunday School Coordinators.