Tabernacle Zeal will sweep across The Church of God!

Assembly Tabernacle

It is with great excitement we announce the 116th General Assembly’s approval of the purchase of property for a future Assembly Tabernacle. The approval required recommendations from two committees.  First, a Questions and Subjects Committee recommendation was passed authorizing the General Overseer to work with specific committees between Assemblies (General Trustees, General Properties Committee, and Tabernacle Exploratory Committee) and allow the Ways and Means Committee to present financial limitations. Second, a Ways and Means Committee recommendation was passed setting a limit on the purchase price at $5 million. Additionally, 25% of the purchase price must be raised prior to taking any purchasing action for any property. 

Therefore, a fundraising effort is ramping up to raise at least $1 million for purchasing property. Within one month after the General Assembly, over $318,000 was raised for this effort. Glory to God!!! Stay tuned for more updates.