The Vision

On September 23, 2021, at the 115th General Assembly of The Church of God, Bishop Oscar Pimentel shared his heart with the Church during his General Overseer Annual Address regarding a vision to have a place of our own for annual assemblies. The membership was stirred and approved the formation of an exploratory committee to research the feasibility of constructing our own tabernacle and provide a report the following year. The video to the right is an excerpt from the Annual Address.

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The Plan

Shortly after the 116th General Assembly, Bishop Oscar Pimentel appointed Brother Tim Griffin as campaign manager to lead fundraising efforts for the Tabernacle project.

Phase 1

The first step for The Church of God is to raise at least $1.25 million. Doing so enables designated persons or committees to negotiate with sellers and enter into contractual agreements. With any negotiation, ensuring a strong financial position for The Church of God is of utmost importance. There are several ways you can give and be a part of Church history.

Phase One Progress


Phase 1 Update - June 2024

On May 31, 2024, General Overseer Oscar Pimentel, signed for thirty (30) acres of vacant land on Benton Pike in Cleveland, TN.

This video provides an update on the steps which brought us to this point along with the near-term future of the project.

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Phase 2

The goal for phase 2 is to prepare the land for construction. There are several steps involved in this phase:  obtaining engineering and architectural drawings, obtaining permits, clearing the land, running utilities, and moving a substantial amount of earth to prepare for Phase 3. The full cost for this phase is unknown at this time, but the Church should expect a call for raising funds to accomplish the actions in this phase.

Phase 3

When debt is sufficiently reduced or eliminated, The Church of God can begin a new savings program. Phase three will implement a new fundraising effort to secure financing for or pay for a new assembly tabernacle.

Have Questions?

While we desire to do our best to communicate the status of fundraising, plans, and projects, we understand you may have questions not addressed on this page. We encourage anyone with questions or feedback regarding the tabernacle project use the form to the right. All questions will be answered as quickly as possible. We greatly appreciate your curiosity and concern!

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