The Church of God Bible Training Institute Opens

Press Release

Bible Training Institute of The Church of God opened Sunday with more than 110 students from 16 states. The school is being held at the church’s international headquarters on Tillie Road. 

For the first time, a dedicated Spanish school will be provided. 

Principal Harvey Anders led in the opening prayer and Scripture reading. The preliminaries included the Bible and flag pledges. Paul Horton, the BTI director, introduced the theme for the school — “Walking by the Same Rule; Minding the Same Thing,” based on the Scripture in Philippians 3:12-16. In his address to the student body, Horton stressed Divine Unity and “seeing eye-to-eye.” He said Satan is not (so much) afraid of unity, but “divine unity.”

General Overseer Oscar Pimentel welcomed the students and staff to Cleveland for the two-week session. He urged the students to engage with their whole heart and strength as they attend the classes and services. 
The general theme of Bible Training Institute was quoted from years back by the director – “Strive not to establish a doctrine, but to establish in the doctrine.” He said we pray together, sing together, shout together and run together.

A video presentation showed BTI. out of the United States, including Indonesia, Peru, Kenya and India. An offering was received for the work abroad. 

Before the message, Yadira Pimental sang “It Is Well With My Soul.” Bishop Donald Estep II used as his subject in going along with the theme, “All Things Common.” 

Services on Wednesday and the weekend are open to the public as well as the morning devotions at 8 a.m. On Saturday, a bus will take students to Fields of the Wood in Cherokee County, North Carolina, for a special class on the history and background of the church.

This article originally appeared in the Cleveland Daily Banner on May 29, 2019.