Trusting God with our Finances

Press Release

As we near the coming of the Lord, the Bible tells us that men’s hearts will fail them because of fear. But the Bible also tells those of us who are Christians not to fear. No doubt you’ve heard a lot recently about us trusting God. We need to trust Him to keep us and to protect us. Trust him that he knows best. God knows what he is doing. Many may be in a panic because of what is going on in the world today. But I assure you that God is not panicking. This didn’t take him by surprise.

We need to trust God with our physical bodies, with our spirits and with our minds that God will keep us in perfect peace.

As General Treasurer, I’ve been asked to address our finances. Just as we trust God for our bodies, our minds and our spirits, we must trust God for our financial needs in this time that we are living in. Many throughout the world are being ordered to stay home, which means they don’t get paid because they can’t work. We must remember that our God owns the cattle on a thousand hill. He is still the supplier of all our needs. We may think that we need our job to pay our bills. But God doesn’t need your job to pay your bills. He needs you to trust Him. 

Also, many are not able to go to church due to regulations that restrict them. This may put a local church in a bind financially. Many churches are small and depend upon every offering just to keep the lights on. If at all possible, please continue to give offerings to your local church, to your state/regional/national Headquarters and to General Headquarters. The work must continue to operate at every level. And of course, this requires finances.

As you probably know, this month of March is dedicated to World Missions. The need to go into all the world with the truth that we as The Church of God have, is very great. There are many that are hungry for the truth and they are calling and wanting the Church to go and teach the truth to them. Let’s do all that we can to enable the Church to do just that. To heed the Macedonian call that is being heard throughout the world. Don’t let this time of trouble cause us to close our hands to God. 

The need is great on every level of the Church. Let’s be faithful in our tithes and offerings and God will be faithful to us. I know that God will bless our faithfulness and our obedience to his word.

We are praying for you all here at General HQ that God will protect you, give you peace and supply your every need.

May God bless you.