Twenty-two to Graduate from Bible Training Institute

Press Release

Bible Training Institute will have its final evening service on tonight at 7. The Leadership and Pastoral Development class will be in charge of the service. Victory Leaders Band Coordinator, Joshua Farthing, will be the speaker. 

More than 100 students, staff and visitors participated in the Communion and Feet-Washing service on Wednesday. BTI Principal Harvey Anders was in charge, assisted by Jerry Cox and Brian O’Dell. The baptismal service was on Thursday afternoon. 

Paul Horton, who also serves as field representative, is director of BTI. Teachers for the Cleveland school included Connie Wilson, Billy Cox, Betty Bishop, Jerry and Vivian Campbell, Buford Cox, Robert F. Strong, Horton, Brian O’Dell, Anders, Robert J. Hawkins Jr., Oscar Pimentel, Dustin Hays, R. Robert Ammons, Bettie Marlowe and Jason Hill. Vicki Smith is the secretary and BTI office manager.

The BTI Choir will be featured at the commencement on Saturday at 2 p.m. Deborah Perkins is director of the choir, which was organized with students and staff members during the B.T.I. 

Dewayne Smith, regional overseer in the South Central area, will be the commencement speaker. The Class of 2019 includes 22 students receiving diplomas: Jeanette Alcott, Jacob Anders, Micah Baldwin, Cainan Clarkson, Bethany Clawson, Blakely Dixon, Alicia Hill, Katherine Horne, Rebekah Horne, Linda Houston, Kami Lofton, Savannah Lofton, Adela Lopez, Eduardo Lopez, Alexander Metaxas, April Owen, Anahi Santiago, Erik Shelton, Mary Shelton, Elaine Smail, Lynn Stephenson and Sandra Stephenson. 

The public is welcome to attend tonight’s service and the Commencement on Saturday. 

The Annual Assembly for The Church of God will be in Kingsport beginning Aug. 6 and going through Aug. 11. The Tennessee State Convention will be July 19 through 21 at The Church of God, Zion Hill, on Tillie Road, past the YMCA.

Oscar Pimentel serves as General Overseer of The Church of God, which has churches in more than fifty countries in addition to the United States. For more information about the church, its organization and ministries, go to website:

This article originally appeared in the Cleveland Daily Banner on June 7, 2019.