Unrest Continues to Trouble the Saints of Burundi


In November of last year, the World Mission Department reported on the growing violence and genocide that was affecting the people of Burundi. Recently, additional reports have come from area and are showing that the violence has escalated in that country.

Due to the increase in unsafe conditions, many of the brethren from Burundi have fled their home country into neighboring Rwanda and are currently residing in refugee camps. The reports indicated that approximately one hundred originally fled to the refugee camps but only fifteen remain. Those who left the refugee camps have returned to Burundi due to poor conditions in the camps. Doing so has placed their lives in peril. Those who have fled but return do so in the face of potential severe punishment.

Our lead contact from Burundi, Pastor Leonidas, is in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. He considered entering a refugee camp for the chance to go to another country; however, he has chosen to remain in Kigali and trust God due to the poor conditions of the camps. He reported that people are dying regularly within the camps.

Our brothers and sisters from Burundi continue to endure a great tribulation in their lives. They are in serious need of our continued prayers for God to help them through this trying time. Let us lift them up with earnest prayers for God’s intervention. However, spiritual uplifting is not their only need. Many of the saints are in need of basic necessities. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to help the saints from Burundi during this difficult time. Any amount of donation will be helpful to these hurting people.

Brother Agati, National Overseer of Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda, will be traveling to Rwanda soon and will continue to monitor the situation as it continues to develop. In addition, our Mission Team will also be traveling to Rwanda to minister in May.

A relief fund has been set up through General Headquarters to assist with this need.