Violence in Burundi Affects Local Saints


Prayer is requested for our brothers and sisters in the African nation of Burundi. The World Mission Department has received information from Brother Leonidas, one of our pastors in the area, that our people are suffering due to the recent outbreak of violence which has shaken the country. He reports that the war has destroyed our church in Cibitoke, and many of the members in Burundi have fled for neighboring countries.

Several major news outlets are reporting that the Burundi crisis has been fueled by speculation of the political legitimacy of the government and the use of repression to deal with the discontent. Many have likened the violence and genocide to what transpired in neighboring Rwanda during the 1990s.

Brother Leonidas has requested that we not only pray for our people in Burundi but also the nation as a whole. He reiterated that Christians are really suffering, and his desire is for the violence to cease so that he can quickly return to Burundi to rebuild that which was destroyed.