Project Restoration

VLB Department Announces Project: Restoration

Press Release

The Victory Leaders Band introduced a challenge to the department called Project: Restoration during the live HYPE broadcast on July 29th, 2022. This challenge will run through February 28, 2023, and target backslidden youth ages 12-35. Since 2019, an increasing number of youth of the Church have been swept away by the seducing spirits of the world. This project is an organized fight to win them back!

Names of individuals who need restoring can be submitted online until February 28th. Submitted names will be prayed for and contacted by the Victory Leaders Band from General Headquarters via mail. A detailed record of who is contacted will be kept by the department. These names will also be submitted to state/regional/national VLB Coordinators where the backslidden youth resides. These coordinators will be responsible for organizing a team to make constant contact and prayer for the backslidden youth. A special “welcome home celebration” should be hosted for each youth restored. Please help us pray these lost youth will find their way home!

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