International Youth Camp

International Youth Camp will be held this year on August 18-21, 2017 at Lutheridge Conference Center just outside of Asheville, NC. This is about 20 miles from Ridgecrest Conference Center.

Make plans to attend IYC today! The cost to attend IYC is $148.00.

International Youth Camp is an annual ministry of the Victory Leaders Band Department. Each year delegates from around the globe gather together to better equip themselves to serve as staff members in the youth camp ministry. It is an opportunity for fellowship with others who share the common interest of seeing God's favor upon these ministries. It is an opportunity to meet brothers, sisters, and leadership from around the world, and it is a time for worship services full of the power and zeal of the Holy Ghost.

Youth camps are not only occasions for young people to gather for fun and fellowship. It is the vision of the Victory Leaders Band department that they will become powerful spiritual forces with one purpose – to become soul winning events that change the hearts of all who attend. Having a well trained staff is an important step in the direction of fulfilling the purpose. International Youth Camp serves to train the staff in the work of reaping the harvest that is available in our summer camps.

Through the ministry of International Youth Camp, delegates will be challenged to make a difference in their area's camping ministry. Cultivating the desire to see souls saved and lives changed will strength our ability and efforts to evangelize these youth. Through challenging classes on contemporary issues to the Directors Exchange and Forum, International Youth Camp encourages each level of the camping ministry to discern the Spirit of God and what He is trying to accomplish through our summer camps. Delegates are also challenged to strengthen their own walk with the Lord while attending International Youth Camp.

International Youth Camp is open to all Overseers, Camp Directors, current and future camp staff, and selected representatives from each region. Additionally, an open invitation is extended to all local, state/regional, or national Victory Leaders Band Coordinators.

Begin praying now for God's favor and outpouring to be upon this year's International Youth Camp!